Our plan

The plan is to leave at the end of the 2019 school year and return home for the start of 2020 school year.

We will leave Cowes heading to the S/W coast of UK to then sail south toward Brest in Brittany. Once in the Brest area we will wait for a good weather window to sail across the Bay of Biscay with destination La Coruna. From La Coruna we plan to spend few weeks in the Rias of Galicia until the end of August. During the month of September we will head South along the coast of Portugal targeting to enter the Mediterranean Sea by the end of September 2019.

Once in the Med we will hop along the Costas del Sol & Blanca to then reach the Balearic Islands. By the end of November we will leave Menorca to head west toward Sicily with a stop in the south of Sardegna.

The winter months will be spent in Sicily until early Spring. While in Sicily we will visit friends and families and may travel on land for a while too.

Once the grip of the winter will be gone we may touch base the Ionian Islands to then return to Sicily and start our wiggly way back North via Eolie islands, Amalfi coast, Lazio coast, north of Sardegna, west coast of Corsica.

From the top of Corsica (Giraglia) we will head to Monaco and then West along the Cote d’Azur and coast of Provence with the plan to be at the entrance of the river Rhone around mid of July 2020.

Can we sail through the French waterways? We have done few searches in internet and it seems so…… We hope for the best!

In order to sail though France along its rivers and canals we will have to remove the mast and store it on the deck. Once the mast will be down we will follow the Rhone to Chalon (North of Lyon), turn west first and then North through few canals until we will join the Seine at South of Paris, we will say hello to the Eiffel tower, and finally reach the English channel in Le Havre. Mast up, cross the Channel and back to the normal life in Cowes. C’est la vie!

Obviously this is a plan and all good plans are subject to changes. Stay tuned!

NOTE: if you would like to see our plan in more details click on this link where you can view it on a Google Map.

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