Planning, more planning and lots of lists

As per all projects the planning phase is the most important one. As per Benjamin Franklin quote: “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”.

The amount of lists we are drafting and the content of them keep growing every day. We are making lists in every form and shape: excel files, world files, in our heads, on a piece of paper, but the most common ones are still hand written on a block note. Knowing us, we will soon end up having a block note for each subject….

The topic of the lists are: schedule up to departure day, boat preparation, list of equipment to buy, items to sell, administration, home schooling, things to fix in the house before renting, items to store, items to give to friends for them to use, things to do while we are cruising, places to visit, things to bring with us (very short list due to the lack of space), charts & cruising almanacs, spare parts, etc, etc, etc.

All of this seems boring, but doing the planning for our own adventure it is actually really enjoyable and fun to do.

Before going into planning mode we had to take the most challenging decision. We officially informed our families, employers and friends. Now it is all down to us and I can only think to what they say in Italy: “Hai voluto la bicicletta? Ora pedala” – “Did you want the bicycle? Now pedal”.

Key items to now focus on are: selling our old boat (done today – well done), selling Filippo’s car, get our house in order and rented, and get Tabasco ready. All the rest, with the help of our planning, commitment and a bit of luck, will happen.

P.S. feel sad to see Reaction (our old boat) going because we had some very good adventures (that’s another story – few photos below), but one item striked out from our “Items to sell” list.

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