Progress Update

Important progress has been made during the last 2 weeks and few key activities have been completed.

PV (solar) panels and charge controller have been delivered, order to the boat chandler has been made, we went to the mainland to collect our new (second hand) dinghy, few jobs in the house have been done, our house is gone on the renting market and a colleague of Filippo has sold us his old GoPro. Not bad.

Our dingy is an 8ft fiberglass hull that can be split into two when stored on deck – Nestaway 8ft Nesting Pram Dinghy. The beauty of it is that it can be rowed and sailed. The first impression is that it is a bit heavy and its assembly could be challenging. Hence we will undertake few trials before leaving to make sure it is the right solution for us. For the rig we are planning to use a windsurf mast and a modified Topper 4,2 sail – for the boom we are trying to source something that can fit.

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