Quick update

Last few weeks have been busy. Nora started her day skipper training, Filippo left his job and other works on Tabasco have started. Mix feelings for Filippo after having left his job, but soon it will be forgotten and the focus will be on the adventure.

Steering pedestal has been removed and sent for overhauling, Spare parts for the engine have been ordered including a new shaft and propeller. The windvane have been taken down so that it can be maintained.

Other works include: diesel tank being cleaned and tank level gauge has being fixed, gooseneck has been removed and fixed (worn material has being added by welding), a new windex have been installed on top of the mast and the main sail is gone back to the sail maker so that the few modifications we identified during the test will be done.

Some works on the hull have commenced too. Anode and grounding plate for the SSB radio have been removed. A new anode will be installed and the grounding plate has been cleaned.

In summary there is a lot going on, but now that Filippo is 100% on the project we should make steady progress. Our target is to be ready for the round the island (29 June) so that we can test Tabasco before leaving.

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