Less than five weeks to go

The clock is ticking and we are slowly but surely getting ready. Most pieces of the jigsaw are falling into place: we have hopefully found tenants for our house, Nora succesfully completed her day skipper training and Tabasco is almost ready to go back in the water.

Most of the main items from Tabasco’s list of work have been completed: the engine together with its new shaft and propeller have been re-assembled, the steering pedestal has been overhauled, the antifouling has being applied, solar PV panels have been installed, the deck hatches have been upgraded, the chartplotter and AIS have been installed, hull through valves have been overhauled, and new backstay has been manufactured and installed.

Next week Tabasco should float again and we will start getting her clean and organised for us to liveaboard. We will also have to focus on the house to get it ready for the tenants to move in and find a solution for our cars. Getting there.

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