Wish List

The below is what we would like to do and see during are trip.

Patrick: I would like to see dolphins and wales, the Eiffel tower, the Colosseum, mount Vesuvius, mount Stromboli and Camp Nou. Where possible I would like to watch football matches and I hope to do so in Camp Nou. I would like to try new sports such as snorkelling, rugby on the beach, surfing, body boarding, mountain biking, rock & tree climbing and of course playing football with friends we will meet along the way.

Sean: I would like to play with Lego in my cabin, learn how to surf, body board, play football on the beach, see an active volcano, visit the Colosseum, watch football matches, eat some good food (I like prawns and nice fruit), take videos of the underwater world, climb sea cliffs, dive from the boat by using halyards, climb to the top of the mast, climb trees, swim in clear waters, spend time with my family, runon the beach, fish, sail and row the dinghy, help to helm Tabasco and have many other new adventures with my brother.

Filippo: what I’m really looking forward is spending time with my family outside of the routine of our busy life and of course I cannot wait to be on the water / outdoor for such a long period of time. Places I am looking forward visiting are: the rias de Galicia, Lisbon, North of Morocco, Menorca, Eolie islands, Costa Smeralda (North West of Sardegna) and the west coast of Corsica – some of these places will bring back some good memories of when I was sailing with my parents. Things I am looking forward doing are: prepare the boat knowing she will be our “home” for a year, sail across the bay of Biscay and through the strait of Gibraltar, having barbecue on isolated beaches, swim in warm & clear water, learn to kite surfing, surfing together with my boys, eat Sicilian cannoli, go through the French rivers & canals including sailing by the Eiffel tower, and last but not least pass on my sailing knowledge and experience to our boys.

Nora: I am looking forward to visiting the Rias in Galicia, to sailing up the estuary into Lisbon, to visiting the Algarve in September and sailing to Majorca/ Menorca. I am especially looking forward to wintering over in Siciliy, which is an island I adore. Looking forward to meeting loads of new people and my kids making new friends.

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